Transform Your Practice with MGrx: Unlock the Future of Eye Care

Elevate your practice with the MGrx System, providing rapid ROI in just 30 sessions and delivering effective 12-minute treatments backed by a comprehensive 4-year Gold Warranty. Clinicians charge between $350 – $450 per treatment, making it a valuable addition with no per-treatment costs.

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The MGrx - Innovative, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

the MGrx System is the pinnacle of dry eye treatment technology. Designed with both patients and practitioners in mind, it offers a comprehensive solution to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), one of the leading causes of dry eye disease.

Each MGrx treatment is a quick, 12-minute session that promises not just therapeutic results but also a comfortable and relaxing experience for patients. This blend of efficiency and comfort enhances patient satisfaction and encourages repeat visits. Many OD’s have their qualified tehcnicians delivering the entire treatment.

With no per-patient costs and a robust 4-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, the MGrx System stands out as a financially viable investment for any practice. The attractive pricing range allow for a swift return on investment, typically after just 30 treatments.

I looked at thermal expression devices . . . it seemed to me that it would likely be an uphill battle to get the patients to accept that treatment. But I stumbled into the MGrx, and now I love it’s flexibility and that I can treat one eye lid if I want. I like how it works in tandem and synergistically with IPL too.

– Lee Newton, OD

A college aged patient could no longer tolerate wearing her contacts due to Dry Eye. After one treatment with the MGrx – my patient reported that she was immediately able to wear her contacts for 4 hours per day!

– Brittney McMurran, OD

How does the MGrx Work?

The MGrx is the only tri-modal treatment device available for meibomian gland dysfunction. The device utilizes three distinct instruments to deliver Thermal Debridement, Thermal Massage and Thermal Expression.

The device starts by enabling the clinician to gently debride the lid margin and decap the meibomian glands. This is then followed by a thermal massage to the eyelids to soften the meibum such that it can be easily expressed. Lastly, the Thermal Expressor enables the clinician to easily and painlessly express the meibomian glands, utilizing heat through the process.

See how it’s done on a real patient in the video!

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